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Day: April 28, 2018

Six easy tips to stand out on LinkedIn

Six easy tips to stand out on LinkedIn

Paul Castain’s Blog had a great article recently about six ways to stand out on LinkedIn. I thought it was great so I am going to reproduce part of it here. However, you definitely should jump over to read Paul’s complete article as there is much more to Paul’s article than what I have put here.

Here are 6 super easy (and no cost) ways for you to stand out on LinkedIn. As a bonus, they don’t require you to spend massive amounts of time in order to accomplish them!

  1. Send an actual note instead of the impersonal LinkedIn invitation template! Based on my own experience (and polling my followers) 99% of the invitations sent on LinkedIn, come across as impersonal and worse yet, part of a bulk effort to amass legions of “connections”. By the way, you’ll dramatically increase the number of people who actually accept your invite as well.
  2. Say “Thank you” Thank them for accepting your invite. Thank them for sending you an invite and at the end of that “Thank you”ask them a question. Questions, inspire responses, responses create dialogue, dialogue creates propinquity and propinquity helps you stand out.
  3. Every day, LinkedIn gives you conversation starters. They will tell you Everyone in your network who have new jobs, new roles, work anniversaries, birthdays. You’ll find these conversation starters under the notifications tab. Most people use LinkedIn’s sh*tty template for congratulating your connection but; you’re BETTER than that so why don’t you do something NOBODY does; Send a handwritten note via an ancient technology known as “snail mail”. Don’t feel like doing that? Shoot a 59 second video with your message and embed it into an email.
  4. The best questions are the ones where people have strong opinions. Think about the people you’re trying to reach. What do they feel strongly about? What topics do they tend to have strong opinions about? Is there an “elephant in the room” that needs to be addressed.
  5. Remember your manners and respond to those who were kind enough to respond to you. Otherwise you’re going to look like a tool! Whenever I ask the question “How many people, in your network have suggested a quick call to get to know each other?”, the answer is pretty much little to none! And yet, that call is essential in order to create a level of comfort and propinquity necessary for others to buy from us, refer us, help us with a warm intro etc.
  6. You should be continually thinking about people who should know each other in your network. Send them both an email introducing them to each other. Nice way for you to stand out and . . . It has this way of encouraging the recipient to return the favor.

Six super simple ways for you to stand out without spending a dime of your money and without having to spend a ton of time on LinkedIn. Once again, jump over to Paul’s original article and you will learn a lot more.

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