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This site is now ranked in top 100 sales blogs

This site is now ranked in top 100 sales blogs

I am pleased to announce that Feedspot has ranked this blog in the top 100 sales blogs.

Feedspot is a social feed reader compiling news feeds from online sources that user can customize and share with other social network users. Feedspot has over 100k influential bloggers in its database that are classified in more than 1500 niche categories.

Feedspot is a social network for RSS readers. It’s a fast, beautiful and simple way to keep up with all your favorite websites in one place and find new good ones.

My book “Eliminate Your Competition” is available from your favorite book retailer

My book “Eliminate Your Competition” is available from your favorite book retailer

You may purchase my book Eliminate Your Competition from your favorite book retailer. The ebook version is available at the most popular retailers such as Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble. The paperback version is also widely available at such retailers as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books A Million.

Only the winner of the order is not eliminated. Make sure that your competition is eliminated – NOT YOU!

Most salespeople lose the deal before they ever get started! It isn’t uncommon for the customer to have already made a decision before most salespeople even learn of the opportunity. Most salespeople have to beat the preferred competitor by a significant margin just to be considered equivalent. Don’t you wish that you could be the preferred vendor for all of your opportunities?

Selling is a difficult career in which to make a living; it is not uncommon to have the commission check denied before the salesperson even gets a chance to win. Analysis of thousands of sales situations has made it phenomenally obvious that most salespeople begin their sales campaign so late in the decision-making process that they are virtually guaranteed to lose the order. To make matters worse, when they do start the campaign early enough, most salespeople do not know how to control the prospect adequately so that they can guarantee their victory.

The typical turnover for a sales department is 10-20%. Many companies see turnover that approaches 40-60%! This turnover costs them 50% of their revenue-generating capability. In any organization that exceeds 25% turnover, the loss of trust with the customer can be astounding as the new salesperson tries to rebuild the entire relationship.

In any given quarter dozens or hundreds of companies do not make their forecasted numbers and are dramatically punished by Wall Street. This book will provide the management of a company with a framework to teach their salespeople how to attain their quotas with higher profits. It will also allow salespeople to rise to the top of their organization and be the super-achievers who win awards, trips, bonuses, and respect.

In this book, I will show you how to eliminate your competition and maximize your commission.

Eliminate Your Competition

Eliminate Your Competition

This site is the future home of the book “Eliminate Your Competition – A Trapper’s Guide to Increasing Your Commission”

Please check back soon for more information on the book and the process.

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