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"Top salespeople are coachable: they are willing to listen and learn from their superiors and peers."

Set Five Goals for Personal, Family, and Professional

Set Five Goals for Personal, Family, and Professional

It is very important that you set goals for the important things in your life. To do this, use the “Memory Law of Five” that I discuss in my book “Eliminate Your Competition” in the discussion about developing Bait for your Traps. You can easily remember five things. One for each finger on your hand. Studies have shown that the human mind is very adept at remembering and relating to five items.

5 Personal Goals

Because your well-being is so essential, set five goals for yourself that only involve yourself. Maybe it is to lose 10 pounds by next Christmas. Perhaps it is to read 1,000 words from the biographies of the US Presidents.

5 Family Goals

Now set five goals for you to achieve with your family. An example could be that you want to retire to Jacksonville FL by the time you turn 62. Perhaps you want to move into a four-bedroom home on at least 1/2 acre within four years. Maybe it is that you want to have your first child by the time you turn 29.

5 Professional Goals

Lastly, write down five professional goals. The most natural goal for a salesperson is that you want to sell $3,700,000 this fiscal year (if you don’t understand why you write out the number then read my earlier article). Another goal might be that you want to be certified to sell the new product that came out by the end of this fiscal year. Another goal could be that you want to finish the sales management training class by the end of March. In my opinion, a great goal would be that you read the entire book “Eliminate Your Competition” in the next 30 days.

Write down each of these goals but don’t stop there. Create a plan for each one and then communicate your written goal and plan to the appropriate person. Send that person regular updates on your progress.

Your personal goals should be shared with your best friend that can keep you honest and won’t hold back chastising you when you fail to make progress.

Send your family goals to a family member – maybe your significant other, sibling, parent, or trusted cousin. You can even send it to Aunt Emily. Choose anyone that you trust, as long as that person is looking out for you and will ask you for updates and question your progress updates.

Your professional goals can be sent to your manager or your professional mentor. Same as the above, this needs to be a person you trust but also someone that wants you to achieve your goals. Choose someone that will politely but firmly give you a hard time when you don’t follow up and don’t hit your goals.

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