Traits of Top Salespeople

"Top salespeople are relevant because they know how to position their product, service, or solution properly and effectively."

Keep value propositions short and sweet

Keep value propositions short and sweet

I frequently advise salespeople to focus your conversations on a prospect’s needs and goals. Mr. Carpenter, in his book, makes an equally great point that these conversations need to short and sweet.

TIP # 6 Keep value props to one or two sentences. If you can’t explain what you do and how you’re the best at doing it in two short sentences, you have a problem. Being concise is the name of the game when writing sales prospecting emails (or having conversations in the hallways) If you can’t narrow it down to two sentences, get together with your marketing department to brainstorm on how to do it.

Carpenter, E.R. Brain Dump: 167 Tips & Tricks from a Six-Figure Sales Prospecting Legend (Kindle Locations 128-131). Forest Wade Press. Kindle Edition. (content reformatted to make it easier to read on this site)


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