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"Top salespeople are positive: they maintain a positive attitude, even when facing adversity."

Month: November 2017

Use Hunter to find email addresses (I like it even though I am a Trapper)

Use Hunter to find email addresses (I like it even though I am a Trapper)

I love Hunter. I didn’t know about it until I bought Mr. Carpenter’s book. It was a great tip and made the entire price of the book worth it. There are lots of other tips that will probably help you. If you close one deal because of the book, it is well worth the investment. No, I do not get a commission for plugging the book, I am simply a fan.

TIP # 104 Use Hunter to find email addresses. It’s free and it appears right in LinkedIn. Just enter the domain name, click a button and the software tells you the most likely email address for the prospect. I imagine it pings the mail server. Capture is another good one to use but it’s fee-based.

TIP # 105 Go to Google and type *@domainname to find email addresses. It’s a wildcard search that can result in finding at least one email address at the prospect’s company. Use the found email address to determine the structure of other email addresses. For example, if I worked at BMW and the domain name is, you should search *

Carpenter, E.R. Brain Dump: 167 Tips & Tricks from a Six-Figure Sales Prospecting Legend (Kindle Locations 617-622). Forest Wade Press. Kindle Edition. (content reformatted to make it easier to read on this site)