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Some Advice On How To Not Suck At Meetings

Some Advice On How To Not Suck At Meetings

Meetings for salespeople are common…and terrible.

Salespeople have a staggering amount of meetings to attend, both internally and externally.

When they’re not checking in with their managers or picking up tips from their coaches, they’re presenting to prospects or visiting with customers. With all that time tied up in meetings, it’s critical that each runs as smoothly as possible.

In a perfect world, every meeting would have a well-defined agenda and result in clear and actionable takeaways. But as anyone who’s been in any sort of meeting knows, this isn’t the case. As the following infographic from SalesCrunch shows, the sad truth for salespeople is that meetings can be more of a time suck than hours well spent.

When a weekly sales meeting is broken down into the associated cost per attendee, the average check-in can boast a price tag of $350 per hour. And the number climbs as the level of seniority rises — a senior management meeting costs a whopping $1100 per hour. This price skyrockets if you divide the combined quotas in the meeting divided by 2,000 (the number of working hours in a day) times the length of the meeting.

For example, if you have six people in the meeting and they they have a combined quota of 10 million dollars, that is $5,000 per hour! With that cost in mind, let’s agree that meetings with salespeople better not suck!

The following infographic comes from Visually.

Header Photo by StartupStockPhotos (Pixabay)

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