Traits of Top Salespeople

"Top salespeople are composed: they stay calm under pressure and can handle difficult situations gracefully."

Day: May 28, 2018

How to make a memorable slide presentation

How to make a memorable slide presentation

I speak of some of these tactics in my book Eliminate Your Competition but this infographic is excellent for discussing this basic problem.

Ten minutes after your presentation, your audience will start to forget up to 50% of the content. This gets worse. By the next day, your audience will have lost 75% of the content and a week later, you will be down to 90% loss.

It is inevitable that you will lose some memory of the conversation but you need to take steps to maximize the retention rate. As I discuss in more detail in my book, the human mind is best if it only remembers 3-7 items. Try to remember that as you go through your content.